Tuesday, 22 March 2011

ive lost my mojo

sorry to those who have visited my blogg for some reason ive lost my mojo and it hasnt come back  i dont think ive gone this long even the sunshine hasnt brought it back :( ive got that nasty cough i had at christmas at the moment and its certainly keeping me awake at nite so maybe thats why i have no inspirations to make any cards but ill be back its my birthday on saturday so maybe my loverly daughters might buy me something crafty that might give me a kick up the bumcos i ceratinly need it lol anyway i keep popping on now and again to comment anyway im goin go on a blog hop to comment on your wonderfull cards toodle pip for now mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
                                                           denny xxxxxxxxxx


  1. oh dear Denny I hope it comes back soon I love your cards sorry you're not feeling to good either why does a cough seem to get worse when we go to bed well you take care and I hope to see one of your creation very soon
    Jacki xx

  2. Hi sweetie sorry to hear you are not well my hubby has that cough it seems to linger for ages. It might explain why you have no mojo shug I'm missing seeing your cards tho hun & I really hope you get your mojo back soon I'm sure it the NEC this weekend hun get hubby take you along for a good crafty spend lol. A few of the lasses from CES are going on the friday I was going to go but its just too far from where I am with my health the way it is. Hubby feels awful tho that I cant go so he's giving me a wad to spend next week on the net instead lol. Something new will hopefully help your mojo hun I sure hope so. Take care sweetie hope to see your creations real soon shug.

    Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

  3. Hiya Denny :) Sorry to hear you've lost your mojo, you'll pick up though when you start feeling a bit better. I know where you're coming from... I've had a cough and cold for over a month... URGH! It certainly does drain you, eh?!
    Hope you feel better soon :)

    Hugs, Meesh. XX

    PS... The writing looks way better in white :D xx

  4. Ahhhh hun, I lost mine for two weeks, it's only just returned. Sometimes you need some time out. Relax a bit and as Vicky said, get hubby to take you to the NEC, there's nothing like a good spend up on crafting goodies to get your inspiration back. Hugs Tracy x


thankyou for all your loverly comments they are very much appreciated huggs denny xxxx