Wednesday, 10 November 2010

tilda in greens n reds

mornin ladies hope all is well im not to bad day apart from thinking about tomrrow i have to go have a tooth extraction ouch not nice but the pain ive been in ill be glad for it to be out hubbys just come home from work feeling poorly so ive sent him bed lolol so i can card craft lol dont worry i keep checking on him lol anyway i just got all my craft stuff out today and a freind called on me so the kettle was on  we had a good chat whilst watching jeremy kyle lol anyway i eventaully got back to my craft table and wanted to try something ive never done befor a easel card so this is my finishing project hope you all like i enjoyed making this card im reeady to make another one now already lol ive used a tilda not sure wot shes called cos it was from liz infact most of the items ive used were from liz lol apart from emblies so here you go have a fun crafting day and thanks for sharing all your loverly creations hugs denny xxxx

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  1. yoo hoooo me again lol. I didnt see this post lol. She is called 'Peachy Tilda' hun its a gorgeous stamp I cant remember if I have even used mine or not....ooopps that sounds sooo bad I'm gonna have to have a sort out me thinks. I hope your trip to the dentist goes well hun I HATE dentista with a passion I have to be put to sleep lol I have such a fear of them. Its not needles they dont bother me in the slightest its just everything I nearly didnt have my 1st tattoo on my tummy cus I saw a dentist chair in the room & thought I would have to sit in it lol I dont even do waiting rooms.....bah I'm feeling ick now just talking boot it lol.....I need a strong black cuppa noo lol.

    Lotsa of icky hugs Vicky xxx


thankyou for all your loverly comments they are very much appreciated huggs denny xxxx